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For Herbs of Light Partners:

Herbs of Light has evolved to its next level of service. We have merged with Moringa Source, LLC, who will be producing our line of products exactly the same as before 'With My Supervision'. They are an FDA, GMP Compliant mfg. company in Connecticut, USA. Jim Fitzpatrick, President, was the person who introduced us to the finest Moringa herb 5 years ago. They grow and supply us with the finest Certified Organic Moringa from Ecuador now and also manufacture Organic Cosmetics and Skin Care. Jim has always been interested in working with us.

We will be starting with approximately 50 - 60 products, and their availability will commence April first. The products, labels and efficacy will all stay exactly the same while the service will be getting back to the quality that HOL has always been known for previously. Our client base has not diminished, amazingly, because of the superiority of the Herbs of Light products.

The contact person at the new Herbs of Light location is Emmy Toussaint with the same phone of 800-313-3001. Our website address will also be the same and will have more educational info as we progress. The only difference will be the location the products are shipped from that now will come from Connecticut.

On the left panel of the website there's a link for a list of products that will be available from Herbs of Light at Moringa Source in CT. at the start of April and May. Please go over this while knowing that the product line will be expanding to have the most popular products again. Whatever products you find on the website now and for the next several weeks is the remaining inventory here in Florida.

We will be building up the line to 150 products or more. The tremendous diversity Herbs of Light had with over 400 herbal products can not be available anymore ... I am very sorry to say. However, I am extremely happy that we can again provide the most popular and Efficacious, Organic, Living Food Herbal products in still being of service for people.

Whenever I can be of assistance for an important consideration, please let me know. Thank You

Much Love & Light Dean Martens, CH